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Sunday, 12 September 2010

How To Be Honest

This was an earlier post which worked to go into the core dynamics of the work of Karl Popper.

His work on opening up the scientific method has been critical in the development of the work done on this site.

With that said, it's a very old piece, and a massively, massively more advanced - and clearer - version is available at this link:

Do check it out, it makes a lot more sense than this original piece did.  I decided to clean it up in the light of new discoveries, but then realised that there was nothing in here particularly worth salvaging after the above linked article is taken into account.

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  1. This honesty that you describe, are you saying to start with the assumption that something is true then try to prove or disprove that assumption?

  2. No, you stare deeply into the possibility that it IS true.

    You look deeply and unflinchingly at the consequences, at they would really mean, at what it would really involve if this thing was actually, really true.

    What you are not, not, not doing is engaging in some 'prove or disprove' shit in your head. This will be fatal to your honesty.

    If anything, looking at it from that point of view, you are trying to prove something you don't want to believe in.

    But even that is a hopeless parody of what this is really about.

    If you really want to disprove something, if you really want to fight something, you have to let go of your own preconceptions about it.

    Many people would probably nod along to this, but wouldn't actually do what it took - real honesty - to do this.

    What it takes, to leave behind your preconceptions, is to just force yourself to give the opposing viewpoint credibility.

    Even if it seems incredible - especially if it seems incredible.

    Even if it seems appalling - especially if it seems appalling.

    Even if it immediately makes you want to dismiss it - especially if it immediately makes you want to dismiss it.

    Force yourself (basically just shout at yourself until you do this) to treat the opposing viewpoint like it's genuinely credible.

    And the more credible you can force yourself to treat it, the deeper your understanding of it will be, and if it is untrue, in real life, the kind of counterargument you'll come up with by doing this will be absolutely devastating.

    If it is true, you will not only see that it is true, but how it is true and why it is true. That truth will be deeply rooted in you, and will give you a very strong piece of insight that will, because it is so deep, almost always shed serious light on seemingly unrelated issues.

    Force yourself to take shit seriously. That's it in a short sentence.

    In a medium sized sentence: force yourself to seriously face the possibility that whatever argument has challenged you is absolutely true.

    This is real honesty.

    Make sense?

  3. Im only leaving this comment because I feel you can take it, having exposed to have enjoyed being attacked in an honest way.
    So I'll be honest.
    I mean I'll tell you the truth of what I feel, my own subjective opinion, for you to take it bravely or ignore it. You see, this post could have been written in a paragraph had its content surpassed its author in importance. A real philospher would have omitted from stating his name and undoubtedly avoided refering himself as a "real" philosopher.
    The branch of honesty that refers to honesty with oneself and ones feeling is left unmensioned, and its to this honesty you'll have to appeal to succesfully answer the following question.
    What was the motivation that lead me to write this article?
    What force or energy within my self lead me to write down this words?
    What was my objective, what did I want to accomplish by them?
    To share with the world a new and interesting piece of knowlege?
    To show the world how smart, witty, clever I am and to boast about my unique intelligence?
    To propose a new insight on the concept of honesty in search of a profound philosophical discussion? No way.
    Be honest, honest with yourself. Thats the only honesty worth having, and the hardest one to aquire.

  4. Um... it's not hard to acquire, you just follow the instructions in the above article.

  5. Im sorry.
    I made a mistake.
    You couldn't even undestand it,
    let alone take it.