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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Bad Expertise

What you sink your time into is what you become good at.  You can't stop that, you just get better at something you do.  You develop finesse, effectiveness, sophistication.

But this is a double-edged sword.  What if you spend your whole life working at something that doesn't make any difference?  Then you just get really good at not making a difference.

You'll become an expert.  There are a lot of such experts.  Everyone's an expert in something.  

Whatever you do, sink real time, at least 3 hours a day, preferably more - into something you genuinely do care about.  

The power of human skill is incredible - for good or for ill.  For changing your life and the world, or for stagnating both.  

Make sure whatever you become an expert in is something worth being an expert in.  


  1. I will have to "double star" this and come back later. You've brought up a VERY important subject matter. I don't want to give a "flip answer or comment."

  2. I feel silly because I can't possibly top anything you have explained.
    You are 100% right!