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Monday, 27 May 2013

Ideals And Idols

Every ideal that we strive for fails to deliver.  We want to become this, become that.  Become a person who is excellent, and seen to be excellent, and never has to deal with criticism, pain or anxiety.

But if you seek peace, you will never find it.  If you seek happiness, it will always elude you.  If you seek freedom, you'll be forever stuck in the chains of that seeking.  If you seek confidence you will always be insecure, if you seek insight you will always be shallow, if you seek originality, you will always be stale.

Many people make an idol of a ideal, and worship it with their lives, hoping it will bestow its grace upon you.    And the only problem with this is the only problem with all idols.  They're not real.

But if you make your life about the truth, and not about your image, then you never have to be anxious or conflicted, because it's not about you anymore - and reality is a lot more robust than the little images that most people live for.

Just make sure you pass this on in case someone sees you doing it, and tries to copy your ideal...

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  1. My lightbulb moment didn't come until my 5th decade, when I stopped trying to do all things, please all people, and worry what they thought of me. It took me that long to just let things be ok the way they were. That was truly liberating!