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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Living Possibility

If your world is only as big as the things you consider possible, what does cynicism do to a person?

Living in a world where cheap promises are as plentiful as sand on a seashore, we can't believe in everything.  And if we do, we start to believe in anything, and then we really are lost.

Confronted with this, many people shut themselves away from big possibilities, because they're almost always lies.

But if 99% of the amazing ideas you find are nonsense, and you (understandably) shut yourself off to 100% of them... what does this mean for your future? 

If that 1% is truly amazing, has real weight and power, you're shut off from that too.

The way to square the circle isn't to believe everything, or to believe nothing.  It's to be 100% open to everything, but 100% beholden to reality.  It's not scientific to shut out wild possibility.  

It's scientific to test it.  Living a possibility is a very good test.

And that way - although your life might be a little wilder - you are 100% more likely to catch that amazing change you're looking for.


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  1. I was raising my daughter alone. Since her dad refused to work, I had to go back to work. The only work I knew at the time was secretarial work. And, that was the ONLY work that was "acceptable" to my parents. Women were supposed to stay married no matter how miserable they were.
    He left and I could not support my child on secretarial work. My parents wouldn't help us even though I was doing the job "they approved of."
    Well, we were getting evicted again. That night I prayed that God would guide me in the right direction.
    The very next day, I ran into someone who lived in the same apartment complex who told me to go to work with her and she'd make sure I made enough $ to support my child and me.
    I became a waitress and with a week, I was knocking down $100 a night. We were never evicted again.

    I learned all facets of the business completely. I started my own business of promoting/managing nightclubs for others with the guarantee that their clubs would be running in the "black" within 30 days, or they owed me nothing.
    Not only was I making enough $ so we never got evicted again, I was able to take off a complete month after each contract had been fulfilled to be with my daughter.

    God will give us the answer IF we ask.