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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Be The One Persuaded

It's a tempting thing when you hear something that rings true for you, to try and persuade other people that it's true.

This is so basic an approach that it seems to many incomprehensible that there would be a problem with it, but there is.

It's this.  That at some point, someone needs to stop persuading, and be persuaded.  And when you look around the world and see so many brilliant people doing brilliant things, you think - "Oh my God, if only I could show them this, what would they do then?"

But in order to feel that, you already have to have seen something worth acting upon.  And the best possible result you can ever hope for from persuading people, is that at some point, someone is going to be persuaded, and act.

You're already persuaded.  Stop trying to persuade people.  Be the one persuaded.  Live the life that's now open to you because you see what others don't.

And in any case, people are far more likely to be persuaded by authentic action than by any words you could ever muster.

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