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Saturday, 22 June 2013


Your opinion matters.  It matters so much.  What you believe matters too.

This is an assumption that sits right at the centre of our lives.  We're taught it from a very young age.  If you've got the right opinions, you're a good person.  If you've got the wrong ones, you're a bad one.

But if you've got the right opinion, you're set, because that's the main thing.  Vote at the ballot box, or vote at the shop, and your opinion will be expressed.  The biggest opinions have the most influence, and the great wheel turns, and society works.

And it's nice to think like this.  That's why so many people do it.  Not because it makes sense in the cold light of day, not because someone's convinced you of it, or you decided upon it after careful reflection.  None of that.  It's believed because it's nice, and it's not nice to question nice-seeming things, and so they never get questioned.

And the weird thing is, we've been ordering our society around this for a while now.  Do our politics work?  Does the economic system we live in shine with brilliance?  Is our culture replete with wisdom and peace?

I would argue no.  If pressed to extend this argument, I would give the long version, which is - obviously no.

And that's because of something we don't like to think about, not because it makes no sense, but because it makes a very large amount of sense, and doesn't make us feel warm and fuzzy.

Your opinion doesn't matter, and what you believe doesn't matter at all.

What's really going on matters.

Reality matters.

And only when you bite that bullet are you ever going to become anything more than a drone, chasing happiness that turns to ashes, chasing dreams that never come, and living the life of a pundit, and not a human being.

Bite hard.

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