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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Echo Boxes

Without humility to the truth, human beings are just echo boxes.

When we hear something new, we ask - can we spout out an opinion on this?  And if we can't, we ignore it. And if we can, we spout, and we move on.

Opinions piling on opinions.  Noise on noise.  A world of bleating sheep, each trying to out-bleat the last, spinning round in ever-decreasing circles, and working double-time to ignore the fact that all we're doing is making incoherent noise when nobody, including us, is actually listening.

All the time, we spin further away from any source of real power and change, whirling around in our little worlds while we miss life, our future slides away from us, and we live and die as parasites upon the planet we inhabit, the people we know, and the incredible blessings that life has granted us.

Only in true humility to the real can we see the deep coherence that underlies it all.  To use a muscle that the culture we live in doesn't want us to use.

Our integrity.

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