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Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Happy Fool

I hope you're proud of yourself, making such a terrible fool of me.

It's your potential, you see, I can't look away from it.  That spark of spirit and genius that in anyone can be fanned to a flame, and that's why I don't stop doing this, because it's real.

It makes me do these ridiculous things like delving into the core of suffering and delusion, because it just doesn't make sense to me that we should ever be unhappy, or ever despair, when we are capable of such incredible courage and passion.

And so I continue to humiliate myself in the eyes of the world and all it's people, because of you, because of what you are capable of, and the incredible future we can build.

Sometimes I feel I should walk around in a leper's cloak, such disdain has the world for such as I.  But what you can become makes it worth it.  It is so bright and shining a thing that just the whisper of a chance of it blazes through all shadows and contempt, and makes failure and disgrace such a little thing, and it is such a little thing.

And I hope to see you doing such things as you are capable of, and dazzling all who look at you, and maybe then I won't look quite as much of a fool as I sometimes do these days.

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