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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Magic And Vegas

If you believe that your belief can change things, that what you believe can actually make things real, or that your desire for something will make it happen, or that if you just think positive, positive things will flow toward you, or anything like that, I advise you to take a trip to Las Vegas.

Don't bet.  Don't play any of the games.

Instead, walk up and down the Vegas Strip.  Look to your left.  Look to your right.  See what a billion dollars looks like in the shape of a building.  Then see it again, and again.

And then find somewhere quiet, grab a coffee, and ponder this.

How many people in those casinos want to win?  How many of them believe they will?  How hard do they believe it?

There are thousands - hundreds of thousands - of people who go, every day, into the casinos in Vegas, all wanting to win.  All believing that this time, this roll of the dice, this deal of the cards, this time they'll get lucky.

That's a lot of belief.  A lot of very intense belief, all pointing in one way - to get the money out of the casino, and into their pockets.

How many people work at the casinos?  Not as many as go there, that's for sure, nothing close.  And of those who do work there, how many actually care if anyone wins or not?

Not many.  Most are on a flat salary, and if anything, like to see people win.  It's nice when people are happy.

The only ones with a real stake in the casinos winning, are the owners of the casinos.  There really aren't that many of them.  Their desire to win, no matter how strong, their belief - that's nothing compared to the scale and intensity of the belief the masses of their customers have.

So ponder that, after you've walked down the Vegas Strip, and seen the casinos shining like a modern day wonder of the world.

And ask yourself then, how much impact does human belief have on reality, and on where the dice fall?

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