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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Only Real Happiness

It is a strange thing to think that so many people seek happiness, and a sense of self worth, but so few seek to live a life worth being happy about.

If all you care about is the feeling of happiness, you can try to get that by ignoring everything that doesn't immediately please you.

But then, of course, if you live like that you'll find that your life gets very small, and rapidly, very unhappy.  The things you try to push away will, eventually, push back.

If instead you seek to live a life worth being happy about, then you don't need to close your eyes to reality in order to feel like what you do matters, because it does.

If you seek happiness, and have no interest in the truth, you are not 'taking a short cut'.  You are not 'outwitting the game'.  You're hamstringing yourself, and at best, will only ever find a sham of happiness.

If you seek the truth, the path can be hard - hard like you've never read about.  But the happiness to be found there is the only one worth having, because it's the only real one.

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