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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

The Spectrum Of Life

The light of truth, that's what they call it.  A shining shaft of purest white.  The brighter, the better.

But it would be a pitiful thing if the best we could hope for was a monochrome world, no matter how bright it was.

It's easy to forget that.  When you're in the dark, all you can think of is the light, the light, get to the light.

And so you chase all the whiteness, the brightness, any hint of it can send you scurrying, and does.  And in the dark you feel like all hope is lost, and you have failed.

But it's not light that makes eyes worth having, it's colour.  The rich reds and the deep greens, the blues, the yellows, the spectrum of life.

And black and white are colours too.

It's not the light of truth you need to see.  It's the colour.

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