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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Too Humble?

Humility is often seen as the capacity to settle for less, because you're so humble you don't need to achieve more.  

"I don't need to be that successful.  I'm not the kind of person who needs that."

As if the only reason anyone succeeded at anything were because they were weak, and needed to.

What a tiny, narrow view of success.

Are you too humble to succeed for other people?  To humble to succeed for the good of the world?  Too humble to take any responsibility for the future?  Are you too humble to make an impact there?  

Too humble to try?  Too humble to fail, and be embarrassed?  Too humble to look bad?  Too humble to be mocked?  Too humble to be ridiculed?  Too humble to be spat at, and attacked?  

Too humble to step outside of the known, and throw your life like a dice, on an amazing possibility that might never happen?

Because if you are, I don't think the right word for what you're doing is humility.

And I don't think it's necessarily a polite word either.

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