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Monday, 15 July 2013

A Spirit Level

We're just meat, projecting pictures of people.

And our picture has to something everyone likes - but also something different, something distinct, so everyone can know it's us.

So we juggle with conformity.  We like to fit in, but not too much.  Stand out, but not too much.

And we just bounce off each other.  Humanity is humanity's habitat, and it's like an echo box.

And so a little division can become a big division - if people just sort of shrug along to it.  It's a division, you can look distinct with that, so why not go for it?

And this is why wars start, and people hate each other.  There's nothing deeper than this happening.

We don't need to live like this, although humans always have.  There is another way.

Instead of taking the opinions of others, and the echo box of our society as the spirit-level by which we gauge the ground beneath our feet, why not reality?

Why not?

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