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Monday, 8 July 2013

Already, Always And Anyway

It seems a strange thing that we should release our grasp on the things we want to keep, the things we want to have stay, the things we want to come again.

But then, we are shadows all, flickering images cast.  Our grip has no more purchase than a painting of a grasping hand, because a painting of a grasping hand is a far closer thing to our true nature than many of us would wish to consider.

There are many strange things that become clear once we look at the life we live, the creatures we are, and the world that we inhabit, from this vantage point.  And one of them is this - when we have no real grip, when all our grasping is fake, a mere tale of grasping, a story of grasping, what does grasping after good things do?

What does it really do?  What are we actually doing when we do this?

Well, just this.  Just weaving a tale of grasping and reaching, and fleshing it out in the colours of a noble struggle, or a righteous crusade, or a savvy rogue, getting the edge on the competition with a clever new ploy.  Or anything, really.

No actual grip occurs.  We should pay attention to that fact.  We're not releasing our grip on things - we have no grip anyway.  No real grip at all.  Just the tale of grip, nothing more.

Whatever colours it is filled in with, it's just a tale, and tales of grasp cannot themselves grasp, no matter how extreme they get, no matter how tortured, no matter how intense, or how much we throw our hearts into it.  It's just not on the cards, and it never was.

Which is why the only things that we can keep, that do stay, and that will come again, are the things that already are, that always were, and that will be anyway, regardless of whatever shrieking, base, shallow little tale of glory or sorrow we're spinning today.

It's not magic, you see.  The reason life becomes more joyous, peaceful and vivid when we release our grip is that life is already like that, and our 'grip' - such as it is - is just a shrill and petty little picture of ourselves as heroes.  Just a noisy story, so noisy it blocks out everything else that is already, always and anyway.

And the things that are already, always and anyway?

Well, they're already and always will be the only things worth having anyway.

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