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Monday, 22 July 2013

Just Raise It

Well, Ciaran, you write a lot of stuff that sounds really good and everything - but how do I get it to stick with me?

This sometimes comes up.


How do I get it to stick with others?  Whenever I try convincing people to read this stuff, and I can't do it, and the more I try, the weirder I sound and the more awkward it gets!  What do I do?

This sometimes comes up too.

You ever find yourself asking stuff like this?

Well, here's the thing.

Start small.  Stop trying to jump right to the end, you'll miss the whole process, and it will never happen.

So forget trying to get it to stick, with yourself or others.  Just raise it.

Just raise the issue.  Just raise it.  Raise it with yourself.  Raise it with other people.

If it doesn't seem to make sense, just start to see if you can find ways to make sense of it for you.

If it doesn't seem to make sense to the person you're raising it with, just start to see if you can find ways to make it make sense to them.

If you can't - it's fine.  It doesn't matter... because you raised it.

You raised it.  That's huge.

You raise it with yourself, that puts it on your brain's 'watch-list'.  It tunes you in - even when you're not thinking about anything to do with any of this - to notice when the patterns happen.

You raise it with other people?  Well - that puts it on their watch-list.  That there are deep and real, and stunningly simple patterns that underlie all human action, and new ways to undercut the phenomena of human suffering, delusion, misery, pain - whatever - at source?  Right in the bones?  Right at the heart?

Who knows about this?  And of course people will probably scoff when they hear about it, I know I would.  But then later, at a loose end.... I might well check it out for myself, if only out of curiosity.

And maybe they won't - but you raised it.  It's in their field of view now - and that is huge.  That's something that wasn't there before, something they had no way of getting to, no way of even knowing about.

And of course they can reject it - but even that is a massive step forward - rejecting it is at least some kind of engagement with it.  And rejections can change - but if someone doesn't even know something's possible, it just won't be part of their life.

And just as you raise it - not worrying about the outcome of getting you to do this, or other people to do that - you just kind of tune yourself in to it, and keep it there.  And for others as well, wherever you mention it.

And the thing is - and this is the crazy thing, and the awesome thing as well - there is no 'second step' after that where you 'flip it around' and start convincing yourself, or convincing other people.

Just raise it.  And then after a while you start to see elements of this truth playing out.  And others you're raising it in front of might see some of it too.

And the thing is - over a long enough period of time, if it is raised into view - you will see what you're trying to see, and the change you're looking for will happen.  And with others as well - they will see what you see, because it's the truth, it's just true for everyone.  And so at no point do you need to twist people's arms or... worse... start beating yourself up or twisting your own.

Just raise it.  If it's true, you don't need to do anything else.  And if it's true, anything else is just going to make things messier anyway.

Honestly, just raise it.  And keep raising it.  Don't worry about the outcome, just raise it.

And keep raising it.

Just raise it.

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