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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Reality Is Waiting

The diversity of the modern world is a wonderful thing.  There are so many different people, but also so many different perspectives.  The iron grip of dogma, be it political or religious, is fighting a losing battle, and we are free now in a way that few people have ever been.

A great tapestry of people, beliefs, aspirations, ideas, languages, all brought into contact with each other by the amazing advances in travel and communication that have come to define our time.

Those advances, more than anything else, are what has caused this erosion.  It's a tricky thing to enforce a belief system across a whole society - but very possible if you control the means of communication.  In ages past, such a thing was very controllable.

Whereas once we heard only what was sanctioned for us to hear, now we can, if we choose, tune in to anyone anywhere in the world.  Any people, any country, any language - we don't even need to speak it now.  We have an app for that.

And all the wisdom of every human being who was ever wise enough to inspire someone to write their words down - it is at our fingertips.  It is right in front of us every day, all day.

The very nature of these things cries out to us, cries out to the common humanity we all share, but we have lost the way.

We can see from every perspective, but we gauge how important something is by how much it already agrees with what we think.

We have the treasures of the ages, the greatest wisdom of vast cultures that pioneered insight, and we spend our time on gossip.

We have the humanity of all nations laid out in front of us every day but what we collect and obsess over is the inhumanity, the worst of the world.

We could work together to bind together, to find solutions before we choke this world to ash with all the exhaust fumes of our progress.  We could make an art form of living.  We could change the world.

And yet all we do is change the channel.

We have abandoned truth, and because of this we have made ourselves vulnerable to abuse.  To being exploited.  To being silenced.  Into spending our voices on trivia.  Into blindly enforcing the consensus.

When we abandon reality, when you say that the truth is a tyranny, we lose all power and become easy to manipulate.

And so we don't need to think about social corruption, political corruption, cultural corruption, environmental corruption - or the teeming millions who live in poverty to protect the great business interests of the Western World - let alone do anything about it - because it's not fun to think about.

So we make it fun, and build conspiracy theories.  Or we make it a grand pageant, and make sure we emphasise how doomed our cause is because that makes it so much more noble.

And this is fine, if we want to be peasants.

When we abandon the truth, abandon reality for whatever excitement and prettiness comes today, we become peasants.  We let the aristocracy of our day - big business - make all the decisions for us, and we just consume, and live our little lives, and do what peasants do.

We cannot live like this and be citizens.  And so our democracies are failing.

It is all connected.  Nothing is random.  Nothing is discrete.

But reality is waiting.  It will wait forever, and if we continue to ignore it, to mock it, to work almost like an organism to mock, belittle, sideline and hide this truth, it will still be waiting long after all our wasted lives have ended, in the shell of a wasted world.

Reality is waiting.  We need to start heeding it.

And it starts with us.  Me, you.  Not this guy here, not this group of people there.  Us.  Personally us, or it doesn't start.


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