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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Someone Else's Demon

We're all someone else's demon.

And the fact is that we can see the faults and failings of others with far greater accuracy than we care to see our own.

All these delusions that people live inside, that you can see through very clearly - I'm sure there are many.

But then, what does it feel like to live inside a delusion?  It just feels like believing in something, believing in this, believing in that.

We can't fight delusion in other people.  We don't have access.  We only have access to ourselves, and so to make a world less deluded, it means starting with us.

And that doesn't mean congratulating yourselves on all the delusions you're not stuck in.  Who cares about them?  They're someone else's problem - you have something closer to home to worry about.

Question the things you DO agree with.  The things you DO believe.  Those are the ONLY things worth questioning.  Everything else is masturbation, plain and simple.

The things you do agree with.  Those are the things you need to question.  And if they're true, it won't make them any less true.  And if they're not, then it doesn't matter.

But what will probably happen is this.  That you do have some aspect of the truth - but, like all of us, it has become extreme, and is narrow and blinkered.

Challenging what you yourself agree with - what you love to believe, what you truly agree with - is the way forward.  And it rarely means that you never come back to the things you believe now.

But when you come back to them, they're as part of a much clearer and more nuanced picture.  Not so shrill, but kinder and stronger, more able to unite than to divide... and more true.

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